Monday, 25 April 2011


That Just Drives Me Crazy!

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I am for the most part a very laid back person - I try not to get stressed over the small things, especially things I can't do shit about it. Unfortunately, like every other human being on the planet, there are just somethings I can't seem to ignore, so here are my top five list of pet peeves:

5. Technology that just doesn't act right
I hate when something is advertised to do something but it doesn't actually do it or it doesn't do it properly. Like I had a phone recently that, no matter what I did the darn thing would not alarm at the correct time, being that is the only way I can wake before seven in the morning - I was late for work almost every day for two weeks. I also hate when my pc freezes up and you press the end now button that comes up when you try to close the document and it doesn't actually end now.

4. People who talk slow and take forever to get to the point
When I was younger (about 9 or 10) my mom thought I had a hearing problem, so she took me to a doctor to have my ears checked. After poking and prodding and staring into my ears with a bunch of the weird instruments, the doctor concluded that I wasn't deaf, I just had a short attention span. So of course with this deficiency you can just imagine how much this pet peeve annoys me. If you want to loose me in a conversation about about getting from point A to point B, just slowly describe every little unneccessary stop in between. I swear my eyes start to twitch, my mouth sags, then my stare gets blank. All signs of life have left the building.

3. When people ask me for advice and do the opposite of what I tell them
Seriously?! Why do people do this? Don't waist my time and ask me what you should do, then have me think about it, give you my best Dr Phil approved advice, then turn around and do the totally opposite thing. I have a friend who does this all the time and then when shit blows up in his face he then comes back and says 'I wish I'd done what you told me to do.' I could just slap him across his head.

2. People who don't talk straight
When I say talk staight I mean they never just say what they want to say. Don't say something else or ask a question to try to lead me to what you're thinking and then expect me to know know thats what you are thinking. I'm a lot of things - but I'm not a mind reader. My mother is the queen of doing this, she will say calmly 'The cat is in the living room.' (The cat is always in the living room)  and then ten minutes later she she'll ask 'why is the cat still in the living room?' Apparently I was suppose to let the cat out,why didn't she just say that?

1. Smoking
Sorry smokers but I have to keep it real. I hate when people smoke around me blowing their contaminated air all up in my space, that just defeats the purpose of me not smoking if I'm forced to breath in yours. What's worse than smoking is what  I like to call smokers breath, I've never met anyone who smoke who's breath didn't smell like stale cigarette. Sadly smokers never seem to be aware of this when they are  talking in your face.

And that's my top five pet peeves, but I'm sure you may find some of yours here.


  1. My top 5 pet peeves are:

    5. Persons who borrow but don't repay on time.

    These persons will beg you for money promising to pay you back on a date but when that date comes they avoid you.

    4. Scammers

    I hate people who simulate situations to take advantage of your compassion and they will cause you to deny someone else who truly needs it.

    3. Fake People

    I hate to deal with people who just seems to be programmed and they do nothing thats not scripted.

    2. Girl who calls constantly on the phone

    i can't deal with these girls who wants to talk for hours about nothing and keep track of everywhere that you go.

    1. ex girlfriends who i cant fuck anymore

    This just grieves me, i mean just because we arn't together anymore shouldn't mean that i can't hit that occasionally. whats worst is that this is when they get 10 times hotter, worst if you find out that they are way more sexual than when you was together...

  2. @Trevon - for your no. 1 pet peeve, you are crazy. thats why its call an EX, you are EXcluded from doing the things you used to do before


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