Saturday, 9 April 2011


Mary Kay Letourneau, Insomnia & Double Standards

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I woke up last night about 3 AM and couldn't go back to sleep so I turned on the TV. A movie was on about the infamous teacher Mary Kay Letourneau, don't remember her? she's the one who had a sexual relationship with her then 13 year old student Villi Fualaau, which was exposed after she became pregnant for him *scandalous*. After watching it and then doing some reading online about the whole mess (I couldn't fall asleep) I couldn't help wondering were these two really in love at the time or was it the elicit nature of the relationship that made it so intense? My mind futher wondered can an adult (someone over the age of 18) and a minor really fall in love, especially when the minor is so young, that is, under the age of fifteen? Do teenagers so young really understand what love is?  If it is the case that they actually love each - I don't know how you'd determine that - would their really be any victim since the younger party wants the relationship and is it really right to prosecute the adult for returning this supposed love? Don't get me wrong I'M NOT CONDONING MARY KAY'S ACTIONS OR THE ACTIONS OF ANY OTHER ADULT WHO HAS SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH A MINOR, I'm just pondering outside the box.

While reading on the Mary Kay/Villi affair I came across other female teachers that had sexual relationships with their underage students, such as Debra Lafave and and on quiet a few of the website I got the sense that most people were not outraged but more fascinated, actually the outraged parties were in all cases the mothers of teenage boys. Some men commented that they felt that this hot female teacher/teenage boy affair was the fantasy of most teenage boys including them self when they were growing up! But what if the sexes were reversed, what if the 'victim' were a teenage girl and her victimiser a male teacher twice her age would people be more outraged, more disgusted? Even if the girl says "hey, I love him and I want to be with him, he's not hurting me"? I personally don't thinks so - I believe most people would be mad beyond comprehension and want to string him up by his balls. Why the double standard? I guess as far as this world is considered women are always the weaker sex therefore we are always the victim, which I sometimes work to our advantage (lighter/more leinient sentences for women verse men who commit the same sexual crimes). But enough of my rambling. what do you think about the whole thing?


  1. So true, the double standard is wrong. but i feel like mary & vili are an exception i believe they really love each other. but she did break the law & she served her time

  2. The fascination with this drives me bananas. If it were a male teacher and a female student, we'd say "pedophile" and move on. Mary Kay Letourneau is a pedophile. It's that simple!


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