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Video Vixens: Give Them a Break...

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Unlike most people who are addicted to twitter or facebook, I'm addicted to youtube, I'm weird like that. I can't seem to maintain interest in the previous two, I really just don't get the hype. But when it comes to youtube I can't get enough of the wide assortment of weird oddities on offer in the form of videos (weird oddities - I know that's like saying reverse backwards). You just never know what you are gonna eventually gonna end up watching after you have clicked on those video suggestions a couple of times. I just love it. Anyway I stray from the real point of this post. VIDEO VIXENS .

I was watching some music on vevo - sorry I mean Youtube -and I eventually came across a number of videos with video vixen doing different things from being interviewed to doing photoshoots and of course their were the usual comments 'she's hot, I'd hit that!' usually from the men and the usual hating 'her butt looks weird, she has a fake butt, shes a ho' blah blah blah fom the women (mostly). Which is where I realize I'm really different from your usual female youtube viewer, because I actually like video vixen. No I'm not a lesbian, I happen to like penises very much thank you, but I do happen to find video vixens interesting. I actually feel sorry for them that people automatically assume that because you're in a rap video that you're a slut - even though I'm not oblivious to the fact that some of them are, some are just glorified strippers/hookers. But why do we have to paint them all with the same brush, I mean it is hard to deny the appealing visual aesthetics these girls provide.

I mean honestly would a rap/r&b video really be the same without a hot sexy girl bouncing in the background? Since majority of these songs are  about money, sex and power, could these ideas be really be conveyed  without having the one object that is tied into all three concepts? Because most of these rappers do want to have sex with a hot girl (as most straight men do), money will certainly get you a hot girl (or most girls for that matter), and I'm yet to meet a woman who is not attracted to a powerful man.

Of course many of the females who will look down on a video vixen and say she's not a positive role model for young girls or they are a negative portrayal of women of ethnic minorities. But what is so negative about being sexy or desirable? Mind you I do realise that some young girls do to great lenghts to be like a video vixen, the new craze; illegal silicone butt injection comes to mind. However, have we forgotten about girls who look up to stick thin models and become anorexia in the process of emulating these women? Funny enough though I've never heard these women being called hoes and they are less often referred to as negative role models. As a matter of fact it is very acceptable to aspire to be a runway/fashion model and it's actually seen as a real 'career'.

One youtube commenter went as far as to say in relation to black video vixens, that these women make a mockery of what our ancestor's namely Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman fought for - I paraphrase. Which I guess if this is correct, then I have been wrong in thinking that these great women fought so that one day black people (women in particular) could be free to be anything they want to be, that they would be free to choose no matter what (even if that includes being a video vixen), and not be limited to what white folks told them they could be.

Plus if we look at the new crop of video vixen these days many of them are white, it's almost a 1:1 ratio as it relates to white girl and ehnic minority girls in the industry, so it's almost obsolete now to say these women are a negative role model for women of ethinic minorities. It's is also my personal opinion the way you were raised will affect what or who you aspire to be as an adult and will affect your opinion of yourself, so even though I'm not saying these girls don't have any influence on young impressionable minds, I do believe this influence does not has to be the dominant standard for a girl to hold herself to. So even though a I do think video vixens are sexy and I have no problem with them using that to their advantage, I'm not deluded into believing that I have to be like one to be an acceptable female.

If a woman is beautiful or sexually appealing, I don't see what is so wrong with wanting to show it off. And as far as I know for the most part women enjoy being viewed as sexy or desireable. I truly believe many of the same women who have something negative to say about a video vixen would jump without hesitation to be infront of the cameras if the opportunity is presented. And I also believe most of these women hate on video vixens only do so because women love to hate on each other. For the most part women are just not fond of other women, I don't know why. Like I said I think video vixens do make a music video more appealing, they add to the fantasy and they do their part in presenting a more fun, sexier and in some cases a little scandalous side to life. I don't know about you but I know I wouldn't enjoy living in a world where it's strictly business all time, no frivolity, no sexy, no lust, just serious, talk about issues 24/7 people. Talk about a nightmare.

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  1. I say that if you got it, shake it, worst that you are getting paid for it.


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