Wednesday, 18 May 2011


That Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time...

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Yesterday at work I was chatting with one of the girls in my office and she was going on about some of the crazy things that has happened in her life. And it just made me think to myself if she think that's interesting what would she say about my life? I've been stranded in Texas, after I lost my passport and couldn't travel home to Jamaica, I've been robbed twice Downtown (needless to say I rearly go Downtown anymore), I flunked out of college and tried to hide it from my parents - don't ever do that. I've been seriously phone stalked by ex's crazy baby mama, played hookie from school went to St Elizabeth got delayed there when I should be at school in Kingston - I was in 12 grade at the time, luckly I got home before my parents got home and no one was ever the wiser (I was such a delinquent I hope I never have a kid like me) and found out about a sister I never knew about, just to name a few.

At the time it seemed to me like even though I tried to avoid these crazy situations they always seem to find me. But now I realise that alot of the things that happened to me was because I'm typically an act first think later kinda person, so I've had a lot of moments where I look back and think, "gee, that seemed like a good idea at the time", even though somethings were unavoidable. I however now improved in containing my implusiveness and reaping the benefits of a rather boring life (for the most part). No more stranded in places I shouldn't have been in the first place, no more baby mama dramas and no more weed tea hangovers (don't ask), I'm just chilling enjoying the simple life and I love it!


  1. You've a very nice blog. My friends referred it to me. Looks like everybody knows about, just me, until now. I'm going to read your other posts,too. Take care. Keep sharing.

  2. Sweet Pink Pill10 June 2011 at 19:44

    Thanks that perked me up a bit, I was feeling a little crappy. Thanks :-)


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