Saturday, 10 March 2018


Well If this Isn't Procrastination at its Finest...

Wow. Haven't been here in a while. Funny how two year ago I said I'd start posting more often again. I feel like I'm ready to again ... we'll see...

Monday, 16 February 2015


Not So Sweet....

Wooow! I Know it's been ages since I've posted anything here, but I just feel like using this space again (I'm so tempermental). I changed the name from sweet pink pill to just pink pillz because quiet frankly I'm not always sweet, but I'm always pink (it's a state of mind) and I just I felt like it.

So what's new in my life (not that you really care but I'm gonna tell you anyway). I no longer work at my past crappy job that I always used to ccomplain about anymore. I'ved moved and I'm back in school - never been a big fan of the school thing but it's a necessary evil. I'm single, still not married and still no kids, but I'm quiet content, life is good - just a little sexually frustrated but I'll survive. Looking foward to the future and writing more here - no that's not a commitment, I still have commitment issues (I see my poor mom face flash before me, still waiting on them gran' kids).

Anyway that's basically I have to say today.

Saturday, 14 July 2012


The Simple Life

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I'm having one of those lazy days were I'm slacking off on the things that I should be getting done - oh well. So as I sit here thanking God for the weekend, pondering on the future, I had a flashback to when I was about 13 or 14 years old and I remembered all my aspirations from that time. I wanted to be a career woman, be the CEO of something, or be famous movie star, own a flashy car, a house, some real estate, be the big boss. Even though I still want some of those things (a car, a house..) I sometimes think I would be content with just being a simple Jane living a simple life somewhere in JA, just a housewife with a couple of kids.

Lately the dreams of ruling the world (or whatever little of it I can) does not give me that little tingle it used to before. These days I fantasize about being married, cooking/baking, having babies, staying pretty for the hubby and all the other simplicities that come with domestication. At the age of 20, the words 'children' and 'marriage' seemed liked curse words, that engendered visions of slavery, torture and misery. So you can imagine my complete empuzzlement (yes I did make that word up) at finding myself searching for recipes online, engaging cute little children and planning my dream wedding! Gone are the dreams of conquering the world, now I just want to conquer the kitchen. My teenage self would slap the black off of me if it were here now. Maybe it's just a phase, maybe it's a side effect of staying too long in a crappy job or maybe this a permanent change. I don't know, only time will tell.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Mini Post: Stuck In A Rut

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Today is a slow day, many days seem that way these days. I'm stuck in a rut and I don't seem to know how to get out. I'm just basically the same thing everyday. I've been on vacation leave for about a month now, It was fun at first but now I'm officially bored to death yet the thought of going back to work depresses me since that's an even deeper rut I seem to be unable to dig myself out of. I have been trying to get another job, but this stinking economy just wont give me a break I don't know what else to write or say in my resumes to make myself more marketable. I'm been trying so hard to sell myself to these companies that I'm beginning to feel like a corporate hooker, pay me with work please. Don't intend on giving up though just needed to rant a little. Any suggestions for a woman bored out of her mind?

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Has The World Gone Mad?!

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I wasn't going to post this, because it isn't very sweet, but I figured what the hell, it's just what's on MY mind, some will not like it and that's okay, that's just how it is sometimes. So here goes...

I stopped watching the local news sometime ago because sometimes it's just so depressing. But last night I decided to watch and guess what? it is still depressing. When I watch the news I can't help but wonder if I'm living in an alternate universe, because this could not be real. Man rapes donkey, say what now? I don't even know what to say about that. Teacher molests 12 year old girl and the other teachers, parents and students turn around curse the victim and support the teacher. I know one is innocent until proven guilty that why you have a trial. But seriously, mobilizing students and teachers to persecute this poor child? really?  These parents should hate themselves. How would they feel if this child was there own? Even worse Three year old girl buggered by a 40 year old man; and people think buggery should be legal? I get it, what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their home is their business, but lets not forget buggery is not a prohibition against gay sex but a prohibition against anal sex in general whether man or woman. What would this crime against this child be termed after you take away this law? and I'm sorry I know many people will disagree with me but why the hell does anyone want to stick something up another person's sh!t hole? That where your sh!t comes from, sticking anything up there cannot be healthy. And no I don't hate gay people and I'm not homophobic, but I just think anal sex is nasty as hell. Sorry, I just can't rationalize it in my head.

Then there was news about people telling police to leave lottery scammers alone because they have a right to scam white people as pay back for slavery?! SERIOUSLY?! Slavery was over 200 years ago? Can we please just stop saying stupid sh!t like this now and move our brains into the 21st century? Now I'm not saying we should forget where we came from, we need to know where we come from to know where we are going, but when are we going to stop letting it holding us back instead of moving forward when will the pity party end? You know what's the worst thing about the news these day, it doesn't seem to shock people anymore. Five or more people killed in one day and nothing, on to the next one. It's just another day in paradise. All we ever do is talk, talk about who is to blame, what we should be doing, talk about our rotten-to-the-core leaders (I'm guilty too) but most of us never get off our asses and do anything. As soon as the new distraction comes along we forget about the last one. God forbid the fundamental question of which is better; orange or green  remains unanswered, when over 200 children go missing every year, over 5,700 reports of child abuse, over 800 cases of child sexual abuse and over 1000 people murdered ever year. *sigh* There are some other things I could say but I'm going to leave it there for now, because this post would probably never end.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


No more Lusain (Get it? No? Whatever I Thought It Was Genius)

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While I usually don't comment on celebrity gossip I just can't seem to resist the urge to give my two cents worth on this particular celebrity revelation. I read an article on yahoo yesterday titled 'Usain Bolt dumped his girlfriend to focus on London Olympics' by Chris Chase. The article went on to detail Usain's 'reason' for dumping, I mean breaking up with Lubica Slovak the Slovakian born designer and Usain's main squeeze of six months. According to the article Usain parted ways with the lovely Slovakian beauty because he needs to focus on the upcoming Olympics.

Oh Pa-lease!!! You know I'm not buying that one. Now while I admire Usain's dedication to his craft and I certainly admire him for his wonderful contribution to lifting the Jamaican flag high and his overall contribution to the sport of track and field that does not mean I'll be easily suckered by this crafty little dismissal. So let me just get straight to the point and give you my two cents worth of opinion. I believe the real reason he dumped, I mean separated, what the heck dumped her is - he's tired of the pussy. Sounds harsh, I know but it just is what it is. Lets look back at dear Usain's record where the fairer sex. He has been linked with a number of beautiful young ladies over the last couple of years. Aaww, to be young, rich and over 6 feet tall...

First their was Mizicann Evans, the girl he dated from his teenage years before Olympic fame and glory. She was also present at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing where he performed like magic, everyone had Bolt fever from then on. This is why I'm a doubtful about his inability to focus when a girlfriend is around. He did just fine then, and he did many times after with different women in his life. I was routing for him and Mizicann (I'm a romantic) and she is the one who liked him before anyone really gave a rat's ass who he was. Seems every famous athlete has one of those, which they usually "upgrade" for a supposedly hotter model. Which brings us to girl number two (that we know of) Taniesha "Lava" Simpson.

Could feed all the starving children in Africa with them titties.

Well let's be honest this one reeks of fame/gold digger. She has been on VH1's 'For the Love of Ray J' and we all know no one actually goes on a VH1 dating show looking for love, only fame, so we can see why Usain never publicly owned this one up, but being the sharp guy Usain he is we know he sampled the goodies before he bolted (I'm just full of corny puns today). Next came the Lovely Milan and another reality show alumni

This too soon quickly fizzled, with reports of of her being a royal bitch - I don't know if that's true, but if BET's College Hill is anything to go by, well... There was also a rumour of some secret relationship with a British girl name Rebeckah Passley and I'm certain there were others in between we don't know of (come on it's Usain. He's young, he's rich, he's over 6 feet tall, weren't you paying attention?). Then came Lubica Slovak whom I give credit for lasting all of six months
Slovak, the Slovakian....?

That's half a whole year! Hats off to you Lubica. I point all of this out to say, he's at that time in his life when he just want's to sample as many fish from the sea as he can. I'm not saying it's right and I'm not saying it's wrong - it just is what  it is. So spare me the focus on the Olympics smooth over, this current fish's time on land has expired and it's back to the sea for her. Oh well.

Friday, 27 April 2012


If I Knew Then What I Know Now

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Hind sight is a hell of a thing. Ever wish you could see into the future or even visit your past self and say "hey stupid, you might not wanna do that." or "Fool don't let this opportunity pass you by!" I sure know wish I could. I know it's no use crying over spilled milk but sometimes I can't help but say "If I knew then what I know now!". So if I had special knowledge what would be different about my life? Well, if I knew then what I know now...

  • I'd still be a virgin 
  • I'd would have pursed that American internship
  • I would never have given Richie my number
  • I'd be a D cup instead of a B cup (that's a long twisted story)
  • I would have finished school a year earlier
  • I would never have applied to Utech
  • I'd have a job in media and communications
  • I'd be single or married not "dating"
  • I'd be on the cover of a magazine or on a billboard somewhere
  • I'd never taken Ian's advice about relationship standards
  • I would have told a lot more people to kiss my cute black ass
  • I'd be renting my own place now 
  • I'd be in my own ride
  • I'd be chilling on a beach in Negril or Montego Bay
And the list goes on...
But like I said no use crying over spilled milk, the best we can do is learn from our past experiences so we don't make those mistakes again. I also take comfort in the fact that somethings are not too late to change/achieve and that's my driving force these day; making up for lost time. Like I always like to say better late than never.

So if you knew then what you know now what would be different about your life? After you answer that, pick the stuff out you can still do something about and start working on them right away.The stuff you can't do anything about forget them. Write them down on a piece of paper and burn them if you have to (careful don't burn the house down). the sooner you let them go the sooner you can get started on doing/changing the things you still can do something about. Good luck!


I know I don't update this page often enough, even though I always promise to do so. So I wont make anymore promises, I'll put away one day a week to try and post.