Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Mini Post: Stuck In A Rut

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Today is a slow day, many days seem that way these days. I'm stuck in a rut and I don't seem to know how to get out. I'm just basically the same thing everyday. I've been on vacation leave for about a month now, It was fun at first but now I'm officially bored to death yet the thought of going back to work depresses me since that's an even deeper rut I seem to be unable to dig myself out of. I have been trying to get another job, but this stinking economy just wont give me a break I don't know what else to write or say in my resumes to make myself more marketable. I'm been trying so hard to sell myself to these companies that I'm beginning to feel like a corporate hooker, pay me with work please. Don't intend on giving up though just needed to rant a little. Any suggestions for a woman bored out of her mind?


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