Saturday, 25 June 2011


I Don't Want to Get It.

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It's been a long interesting week, which I won't share because because I'm still a little stressed over some of the event's of this past week, but I hope you guys out in cyber land are in brighter spirits than I am.

Anyway moving right along, a friend of mine who read my Liar, Liar Pants on Fire post recently shared his ever interesting thoughts on the topic. In sharing his thoughts he brought up the point that the statistics in Jamaica show that females outnumber males by 6:1 (Yes 6 to 1!), therefore in his humble opinion the notion of one man to one woman is not feasible; and men who cheat are actually providing a humanitaring service to the lonely women out there who don't have a man to call their own. Aaawwww 'T' you are such a selfless person for taking on the plight of all the single women out there... Not! (-_-`) . Firstly this 6:1 ratio encompasses all females to all males, young, old and in between. Bring me the figures for my age group then maybe I'll care. Secondly, most men are not aware of this satistic (informal survey) so when they are dropping their pants behing their main squeeze's back it's not for humanitarian purposes but purely for self gratification. And lastly you can bring me all the stats in the world, that show that women out number men by a million to one and I wouldn't care less because when it comes to my man I'm territorial, I don't share well.

What annoys me even more about this cheating thing where Jamaican men (sorry, but I've only been with Jamaican men so you're my only reference) are concerned is that they expect their girlfriend/wife/woman to be pure, virtueous, ever faithful and anything outside of that is met with hostile resistance. They have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to getting bun and some literally go crazy if they find out there girl is fooling around. Honestly if a guy wants to give bun, go right ahead, but don't be a bitch if you get it back. Hey it's karma and it's fair. Don't do anything you don't want done back to you. Simple.

Another male friend said I wont get it cause I'm a girl. Well thank god, cause I don't think I want to 'get it', if  getting it means I'd have to be selfish, disrespectful and perpetuate a double standard, that renders the person I claim to love as an unequal partner in the relationship. Nope, I'll pass.

NB - These are all my personal opinions. I'm not saying women don't cheat too, because they do and that doesn't make it right either way. I'm just speaking from a female perspective.

bun - means cheat, see my Liar, Liar Pants On Fire post for better definition.


  1. Not every man give bun. I not into this running around thing, being a trainee nurse, I know some std's that condoms cannot prevent. If I find a good woman, why would I run down someone to give me some disease. All she needs to know is that I have a healthy sex drive.

  2. Why women love to get bun but don't give it is just dumb. Worse when him spending the money on the other women. Ladies let bun be free.

  3. I don't know any woman who likes to get bun, but men do it anyway. I don't do the same because everyone would just be running around having sex willy nilly and that cannot be healthy - it's more for my body's sake than pleasing a b/f


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