Sunday, 19 June 2011


When It Hits You, You feel no Pain

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This is not much of a post really just a statement of fact that most people who knows me knows (that last part kinda sounds weird when I say it in my head, oh well..). I love music. The thing I love about music is the way it just makes you forget about any craziness going on in your life. I can't live without it. I have to listen when I'm doing house work, when I'm stressed, or when I'm just chilling. And I love pretty much every type of music, from rock, to pop, to hip hop and even a little country. Music is my drug, God forbid that I should ever go deaf and not be able to listen to another note. Scary. So I recently rediscovered some songs I haven't heard in a while and I feel like sharing a few.

These songs are from about from 2009, good year for party/crossover Jamaican dancehall songs.

Richie Loops - My Cup found on R&B

And who could forget Shaggy and Beenie Man with these hilarious videos!

Omg! How could I have forgotten this classic by Tessanne Chin!

ok this was a post.


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