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Three Types of Men in the World

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For any woman looking for a mate there are three types of men in the world - yes three types. All you single women have to do is pay attention and you will have him categorized in no time, you won't have to wonder if your zodiacs are a match anymore!

Mr. Right
He's Tall, handsome, well groomed and definately well dressed. He never forgets your birthday, anniversaries or valentines day; actually he doesn't need a special occassion to buy you roses, he'll buy you roses just because it's wednesday. He always says the right thing at the right time. He 100% honest, if he say's he's at his mom's that's were he is. Full stop. You're always beautiful to him, you'll never look fat in that dress to him and he only has eyes for you. You are the centre of his universe.

He is never too busy for you. He's romantic, charming, funny, spontaneous and all those great things you've always dreamed of. He is totally and hopelesly in love with you. He's just so god damn perfect, if you get him you wont stop thanking your lucky stars for having him in your life. Unfortunately he's has been missing in action for as long as women can remember. However, mothers are still passing on his description to little girls in hopes that they will find Mr Right. Good luck with that one girls.

Mr. Totally Not Right
He's Mr Right's evil twin brother. He's always trying to fool women into believing he is Mr Right, he sure looks like him. He's tall, handsome, well groomed and yes he is well dressed. He has tricked many women into believing he is Mr. Right, but not for long. He never remembers your birthday, anniversaries, not even valentines day.  Don't expect roses from him, unless you caught him red handed sexting your best friend - then he'll slink back to you, he'll turn on the charm and before you know it your kitty wont be acting right - he's a sly one. You'd better always look beautiful for him because he'll certainly let you know that you look fat in that dress. You are not the centre of his universe - his mama is.

He never tells the whole truth, if he say he's at his mom's house he's there alright, with the girlfriend she knows. He's always too busy for you. But there are those exceptional moments when it's all about you, like when he's calls your phone saying he misses you and he's five minutes away from your house and he wants to spend some 'quality' time with you (for about a hour or two).

He's romantic, charming, funny and spontaneous, when he needs to be. He doesn't love you he only loves himself. One out of two times while looking for Mr Right, you'll stumble across his evil twin brother Mr Totally Not Right - unfortunately many women think if they love him enough they can change him into Mr Right. Good luck with that one girls.

Mr. Almost Right
He's Mr Rights other brother. He's hansome - at least in your eyes he is. He doesn't always remember your birthday, anniversaries,  or valentines day, but he always makes it up to you, better than you thought he could. He's honest 90% of the time, he'll lie about totally getting rid of his playboy stash, but really he hid a few in the garage. He says the right things most of the time. Like the time he's said you looked like you were gaining weight, but quickly added it's in all the places he likes. To him you are the most beautiful girl he's ever seen, and you are the centre of his universe - except for maybe during football season.

He's may be busy sometimes, after all he does have a life outside of you - but he'll never leave you feeling neglected and he will always make time for you. He's romanitic, charming (most of the time) and definately a goofball. He's not perfect, but he gets you and you get him and he definately loves you. Many of the women who have given up looking for Mr Right or are tired of dating his brother Mr Totally Not Right, are enjoying a life with Mr Almost Right. I know I am.

Sexting - (verb) sending text of a sexual nature to someone you are interested in a being with on a sexual and/or emotional level. e.g. nude pictures and/or detailing of sexual fantasies about the receiving party.


  1. I love this! It's so so true, you said it perfectly. :) I found my Mr. Almost Right and now I couldn't care less about "Mr. Right" because I have everything I need in my hubby.

  2. oh boy i know mr totally not right all too well, he's my ex

  3. call me crazy but i'm still looking for mr. right - lol


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