Friday, 13 May 2011


Thank God It's Friday!

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Wow it's been a hectic week, for a moment I thought I wouldn't make it but here I am. So what made my week so hectic? Well...

Monday - I woke up late for work, my phone did alarmed but instead of pressing the snooze button I accidentally pressed the dismiss button, so I feel back asleep and didn't wake up until a hour later. Then When I was ironing I burned the sleeve off my blouse, so that set me back another half an hour.

Tuesday was pretty uneventful. Had a small argument with my boyfriend which we squashed - when will men accept that women are always right? *sigh*

Wednesday - While I was out of the office they were installing a new cabinet and in the process of doing so a big double door cabinet with files from my department fell over knocking over some boxes with more files (also from my department - go figure) causing thousands of files to fly ever where. Now picture this - these files are sorted by date, many of them are composed of one sheet of paper with some some paper stacks containing over a thousand files.

There is easily over 100, 000 files  in those boxes and cabinet (no exaggeration) It took me just over a year to finish filing documents away for 2008 and 2009 and I was 2/3 complete for 2010. My boss was impressed that I actually organized those files so now you can find shit in that crappy office (no one was doing it before - that's how I got my raise). Now imagine my face when I saw the utter destruction of over a years worth of back breaking work gone down the drain. I actually cried. Now everything is mixed up because the idiots justs scraped everything up off the floor and placed them anywhere randomly even among 2011 files. I think I'm about to start crying again....

Thursday - was going okay (considering Wednesday) until my boyfriend got a call that his house was broken into. They stole a (laptop, lawnmower and some other stuff). Now he's a little hot headed so I was worried like crazy what he would do - he rushed home swearing and cursing all the way, and I was even more worried when he wouldn't respond to my calls after he left.

Then there's this bitch at work who won't stop hitting on my man behind my back, thinking I wouldn't know about it. Why this bitch wanna draw me out, she better watch herself before I have to correct her, with her ghetto ass weave.

Friday - Bad day for fashion - that's all I'll say about that. My boyfriend finally answered my call and put my mind at ease (somewhat). Had a tonne of work to do and a tight deadline didn't even eat lunch!

I'm just glad this week is over and I hope next week it not so eventful, my stress level are through the roof!


  1. you poor thing. my week was killer too - but amybe not as bad as yours.


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