Thursday, 5 May 2011


Writer's Block

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Honestly I don't have anything to really write about. I seem to be suffering from writer's block. So now I'm writing about not having anything to write about - the irony. I actally have a few things floating around in my head, I Just can't seem to get them organised and I have a headache that feels like a constant brain freeze (you know when you drink something really, really, cold, really fast and your head cramps up - that's it). Hopefully I get out of this fink before the weekend is over. Oh well - that's writer's block for you.

Oh and here is a couple of reggae songs I love (I love reggae) and feel like sharing that has nothing to do with writer's block :)

Classics! what more can I say.


  1. i don't know much about reggae, but i like the first song (i can feel your pain)


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