Sunday, 19 June 2011


Money Can't Buy happiness! I Think...?

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How many times have you heard the saying money can't buy happiness? Well sometimes I wonder how true that that is. Speaking as someone who doesn't have a lot of it lately I'm prone to think some money would make me a little bit happier than I am right now, and I think we can all agree every bit of happiness counts, especially since from my recollection everytime I had some money (as in I wasn't broke), I was quiet happy and when I don't have much of it I feel like a bum. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying I'm a drag to be around at this moment because my cash flow is dismal, but I do feel frustrated when I want to get certain things done and I have to put them on hold because the funds aren't there.

I always wondered why folks alway say money can't buy happiness? If money can't buy happiness why do so many people work so hard to try to more and more of it? Some folks even scheme, lie and cheat to get it, others sing about being rich; and even though I've read studies that say that some of the most depressed and isolated folks are wealthy people, it never makes them think of giving away there fortune for the sake of their happines. Really think about it how many millionaires do you know who have given away their riches for the sake of their happiness? That's what I thought. I've sometimes wondered if that saying was created as a propaganda spread by rich folks to keep those without much of the good stuff contented with their finacial delinquence.


Ok, maybe this is all a bit of crazy talk, fueled buy the fact that honestly I'm not used to being broke (even after two years). No, I'm not bragging and I was never rich but up until about a couple of years ago, I led a pretty decent life. I went to private schools most of my life, my parent's paid for my college tuition out of their pockets (twice - gotta love them) and I always had a little extra to spend on myself. Fast foward to the present where I am now doing the adult thing, trying to maintain a budget on my meagre salary and trying to accept the fact that I can't spend as frivolously as I used to back in the day and that's really frustrating. I remember when I just started college and I though 'after I leave here, I'm gonna get a great job and have a great life!' I now laugh bitterly at my naivety then. ha!


If I knew then what I know now, I probably would have spent more wisely, I certainly would have bought less shoes.... ok maybe not less shoes but I would have cut back on certain things, saved more and appreciated what I had more. But since I can't really change the past makes no sense moping about it. I guess this time in my life is meant to teach me to value the things and people I have in my life more and not to be so hung up an material things (I love when I have these little 'enlightened' moments). That's  not to say I won't try to improve my financial standings - 'cause lord know I need a better paying job like yesterday - but I'll not going to be so obsessed about it anymore and I'll try not to be so depressed when I don't get that job I applied for, I'll just pick myself up and try again. And lastly I will spend more wisely, starting with I won't by another pair of shoes until christmas (I hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew). wish me luck :)

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  1. It's true money can't buy happiness. I have lots of it and I'm not very happy right now :(


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