Saturday, 9 July 2011


Planking: What Will They Think of Next

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Justin Beiber and Diggy Simmons Planking
I'm so stretched to the limit these days I can hardly find time to scratch my head, I've even considered quitting this blog, that was until I discovered this new trend on the internet called planking. I just had to comment. For those of you who don't what planking is, it's a latest internet craze where people lie face down as stiff as a board (plank) with there hands at their side, in unusual places while someone else snaps a picture. while I'm all for some good fun some trends are just so ridiculous it defies reasoning (remember the pet rock, people actually paid money, so their kids could have a rock as a pet). As to why planking has caught on is beyond me, I guess in this modern day and age when we have pretty much seen and done all the crazy things our ancestors could never imagine, just about anything will satisfy our need to be entertained; even lying as stiff as a plank in a parking lot.

Even though planking is so popular now, even celebrities are doing it (then again celebrities will do any thing for attention), I believe this fad like so many other's will soon fade away and something else just as or even more ridiculous will replace it. Maybe next it will be the standing up game and they can name that one poling (because you'll be as stiff as a pole) or maybe it will the choking game where you strangle yourself for a few seconds until you pass out just so you can get a tingly rush when you're revived; oh wait, that one has been done already and a number of kids died from doing it. My bad. Talk about a fad killer, no pun intended. Even though I think planking is pretty stupid, I know a lot of you out there think it's the coolest thing ever thought of. To those people I say happy planking and be safe, yes safe, because there have been reports of people who have injured them self in an attempt to plank in the most outrageous places, one guy from Australia actually died while planking from a seven storey building. So if you must plank, please do so responsibly.


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