Saturday, 16 July 2011


Friends with Benefits; Yeah Right

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Well another week come and gone, yes! Thank goodness it's the weekend even if I just stay home and watch TV in my underwear for the most of it. Yeah the secret is out, it's not only guys who do that. Anyway unto what's on my mind at the moment. Friend with benefits. Three little words full of so much promise, fun, freedom and heartbreak. Yeah I know you probably weren't expecting that last one, and most folks who get into this intimate arrangement with a friend don't expect it either, but it many cases it is a very real possibility as one or both person usually start confusing sex and friends with something more. When you think about it's not too hard to see why. You're having great sex with your friend - someone you laugh with, have fun with, share stuff with and someone you turn to for advice - add the emotional attachment - and you've found yourself the 'perfect' boyfriend or girlfriend. So crossing that thin emotional line is not too hard, unfortunately in most cases only one person in this set up is usually willing to cross this line and when the other declines to follow that's where the heartbreak comes in.

I always find it amusing how folks enter into this type of friendship, truly expecting to have the best of both worlds, but forgetting you really cant have have your cake and eat it. But I'm not wagging a disdainful finger at anyone since I've tried this fun arrangement twice already, the first time didn't have a pretty ending as it turned out my friend really wanted to be more but I wasn't feeling that idea. The second tme around had better results, as a matter of fact it is still having great results as my current relationship started as friends with benefits and we are still going strong (ups and downs and all). I know I might sound selfish highlighting the cons of this kind of friendship and I'm not saying it never ever works out, that is, just remain friends with benefits. I just don't know of any real life cases where it has :-( I actually have a guy friend who can't get rid of a friend turned stalker who didn't want to just be casual and wanted the whole darn thing to herself. Good luck on that one 'S'.

However with all that said friends with benefits is here to stay, because of that one little pro, easy sex! Who doesn't love the idea of releasing some sexual tention without having to do all the other stuff that comes with a real relationship? So if you must indulge, go right ahead. Just make sure you know what or who you're getting yourself into - pun intended.


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