Sunday, 17 July 2011


4 Guys I Should Have Never Dated....

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I know the ladies can all relate to memories of that totally crappy ex-boyfriend, the one that everytime you see him or remember him you wonder if you were brain dead at the time you dated that loser. Well I've had a few of those "what was I thinking?" kind of ex's - since I was once the poster child for worst taste in men (thank goodness my selection methods have matured greatly since those not so good old days). But every now and then it's good  to reflect on our poor choices so as not to repeat the same mistakes again, like the time I dated Mr God's Gift to Women. Now this guy was a real piece of work, he thought he was the greatest thing ever created in the universe, he just couldn't get enough of himself. Alway's talking about himself, reminding me how lucky I was to be with him and the constant flirting, because in his own gorgeous mind he was just too great to just not be shared with other women. I blame myself for falling victim to his killer good looks (yes he was extremely good looking), but  it didn't take me long to figure out there was nothing else behind this puddle except his beauty. Now I just pitty him and for his sake hope he never looses his physical attributes as he would vanish away into thin air, as there is nothing else to him.

Even worse than that guy was the King of Jealously. This guy was so insecure, it was beyond ridiculous, I'm still dumb founded how I dated him for almost a year. This guy would get jealous if another guy even  looked at me. I mean really, if he though I was hot enough to be his girlfriend, why did he think I would suddenly become unattractive to other guys as soon as I started dating him? This loser would get mad and throw a tantrum like a baby if a male friend called me or said hi to me on campus (I dated him in college) and not talk to me for a week. He even got mad once because I asked a guy for directions because we were lost. Apparently in his mind I was flirting. He would always apologise for his irrational behaviour later - but eventually nothing could save that sinking ship of a relationship as he refused to throw the baggage of his cheating ex-girlfriend over board.

Just as bad as the previous two but in a different way The Bum/Dreamer. He was always well dressed and well put together in the latest ish... that I later found was mostly bought by other people (primarily his mama and other girls). He could never hold down a job because in his opinion all his bosses were jerks and he hated being a "slave" to the system or the man - don't ask I never got it either. He always had a some grand get rich scheme that always failed and he always talked about how he wanted to be a singer/musician, it was his passion, his dream - yet he would never enter any of the many talent competition that were are on offer here in JA (Jamaican's are obsessed with talent/singing contests), he always said he would but later had some excuse not to. Neither did he actively pursue recording any music. All he ever did was write and sing his songs to me or anyone else willing to listen. To his credit he actually had a good voice, too bad he's sitting around waiting to be magically discovered.

Finally, but not any less crappy than the rest was The Dream Killer. Now while the previous guy was a dreamer who never did anything to make his dream come through, this lame-o was the total opposite - in that he just never had any dreams. He was always satisfied with being average or below average which always drived me crazy since I'm very driven in every thing I do. To make matter worse he had terrible habit of tearing me down. Every idea I got wether it was to make my life (or sometimes his) better, or for doing something a different way or whateever the case may be he shot them down. He never though anything was a good idea. He never though anything I though about or dreamed about doing would work out and in his pessimistic opinion was I was waisting my time or setting myself up for failure. This is the type of person you date if you want all your hopes and dreams to be murdered. Needless to say that relationship was very short lived.

Now do I think I've perfected the art of picking a good boyfriend? I can't say yes with absolute certainty but I think I've definately improved if my current choice is anything to go by, but I'll just keep my fingers crossed anyway...


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