Tuesday, 19 July 2011


love, sex, money, power, fame, beauty, or knowledge.

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Today I came across a question on formspring which asked folks to Choose one: love, sex, money, power, fame, beauty, or knowledge. Which I thought was very interesting. Most people chose love, with money being a close second. A few folks found choosing one too hard and choose all of the above (which wasn't an option). I was one of those person's who wanted it all but since the question didn't allow me to have it all, the next logical though was to choose one that would let me have most of the rest and that choice was money. Why? Well with money automatically comes power, with money and power you can easily have fame and money can actually buy everything else on the list except love - well probably a counterfeit version of it - but not the real thing. So if you're willing fore go the love then money is the best choice.

Unfortunately I don't think there is anyone on the planet who can live a life devoid of love, except for maybe serial killers and even then that's not always the case because even Ted Bundy had a steady girlfriend and the BTK serial killer was married. So I definitely would try to have it all cause that's the type of person I am, but if I absolutely had to choose I'd choose love. Hey, what can I say I'm a romantic at heart. What about you?


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