Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Style vs Comfort

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This will be really short (I think). If you are anything like me you will probably chose style in the end. Now I'm your typical girly girl, I love clothes, I love shoes, and I love shopping for clothes and shoes... So yesterday I came upon a bargain I just couldn't resist; a pair of black four inch, leather pumps, with studded straps - real sexy and for half the price?! I nearly had an orgasm. Now the height of these shoes I can deal with, but god damn those straps they cut into my skin like crazy, but will that stop me from wearing them? HELL NO!  This is the second (ok 4th) pair of shoes that I have bought that I find miserable to walk in, but I bare the discomfort for the sake of fashion.

Looking into myself I've come to realised that I'm a little more shallow than I'd like to admit - but I like to comfort myself in this fact by saying that I believe in suffering a bit for art (yes a well designed pair of shoes does qualify as art). Then again I could just be somewhat delusional. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who has chosen style over comfort more times than they'd like to admit. As a matter of fact I'm pretty certain there is a saying that says 'sensible shoes are for the lame and old' No? I'm Just kidding :)


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