Sunday, 22 May 2011


Surprise, Surpise - The World has Not Ended....

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Well it's Sunday the 22nd day of May and as we can all see the world hasn't ended. In some ways the world ending would not have been that terrifying as some would believe. No I'm not a doomsday lover but I do love to think contrary to the ordinary. While most people think of the end of the world as the most terrible thing that could ever happen, with a little mental prodding you can actually make it into a not too bad transition. Ok bear with me...
Now this dooms day prediction were made from a Christian perspective (and I use word Christian loosely), so therefore all I would have had to do to avoid the frying pan down below should I have died in this massive worldwide earthquake is repent of my sins. If I had done this and the judgement had come as predicted then I'd actually be in a better position than I am now.

There are so many things that I have to do next week that I'm not looking foward to, if the world had ended yesterday I certainly wouln't be worrying about them now. As for those people who suffer from chronic Monday morning blues - like myself - that would not have been a problem - luckily for me I get an extra day to preprare for the new work week as Monday is Labour Day, a public holiday here in JA, but knowing me I'll probably have Tuesday morning blues instead.

If the world had ended Saturday as planned, many of us regular folks would never have to worry about these things again :-
  • Crappy jobs and stinky bosses
  • Taxes
  • Mortage
  • Bills, bills, bills
  • The recession and keeping our crappy jobs (because we all prefer having a crappy job than not having one at all)
  • Mother-in-laws from hell
  • House chores
  • Cheating spouses and a host of other worldly annoyances
Assuming that we had all believed the predictions of Mr Harold Camping and we had set our affairs in order for the ending, then we would all  be in heaven now chilling in the shade, sipping virgin pina coladas (no alcohol in heaven?! to some people that sounds like hell) with the Big Man himself or some version of this. Doesn't sound too bad to me. But alas, this was not to be so we have to get on with the business of life as unfun (is that a word?) as that may be sometime. So get on with it folks, no world ending around here today. Although I did here October 21, 2011 been thrown around as another date.........

Ok on an even lighter note I found these judgement/dooms day jokes online and I just have to share...


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