Thursday, 29 December 2011


Christmas Time Ramblings

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Wow, two days until the end of the years, time flies when you are having fun (kinda).

This Christmas has was rather tiring; I mean is it just me or does every year it just seems a little less merry and ever more generic. Apart from the customary commercialization that has become the hallmark of the season there used to be something in the air (cliche I know) that made it still feel worth while you know, give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. I don't get that feeling anymore, I may have lost my christmas spirit :(. And drifting a little why has the word Christmas become taboo since the last few years or so? I'm curious - everything is season greatings and happy holidays or merry xmas, anyway possible to get around saying the word christmas. What? Wasn't the holiday originally brought about as to recognize the birth of Jesus the Christ? I know not everyone is Christian but it was and to some extent still a christian holiday so why the change. I wonder if Diwali was a worldwide celebrated holiday, as christmas is today, do you think hindus would be ok with changing the meaning; maybe take Lakshmi out of the picture per se? I wonder...

Moving along.

This is another time of year I reflect on the year that has passed and the goals that I hope to accomplish in the coming year, yada yada. I don't have a well defined list of resolutions  actually I had abandoned that plan a number of years ago as I rearly ever kept or maintaned the resolutions I made. But I plan to give the ole resolution list another try and I do plan to stick with it. When I get that fully sorted out I will share that with you my loyal readers (all three of you). Until then I'm out.


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