Sunday, 30 October 2011


It's Been A While

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I know I haven't been here in a while but it's seems unavoidable. I've just been going through a rough couple of months. I literally have no life. All I do is work and go home. The only distracion outside of that is my boyfriend. My work load is crazy and my pay is shit. Yet I seem to do nothing about it. I've become lazy and all I ever want to do in my spear time these days is sleep or watch stupid videos on youtube. My friends (all two of them - lol) keep encouraging me to start posting again, but when I get here no matter how great the topic I type in the title bar I just can't seem to find anything to say. So I end up staring at the blank post box until the screen saver pops up.

My birthday went by last month (Sept. 29) without much fan fair - honestly I really didn't care. I'm one year older and still the same. Actually I'm not the same - I'm more boring now. Oh well. So what are the positives to this melodrama that I bore you with tonight? I've decided to start actively posting again, even if it hurts (and it hurts already).


Because I realize I have a habit of never finishing or seeing anything I start through to the end. No matter what it is  - ballet, school, boyfriends... I just quit when It gets too tough or I get bored with it and I do get bored very easily. Plus I'm so bi-polarish I just yo-yo up down with my moods (not a good look ma). So I'm going to at least try to mentain this blog for a year and then evaluate if I want to go on from there - because my priorities might change a year from now. We'll see. Let the pill popping begin.....


I'm looking forward to reading your comments